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a big shit

Posts tagged guitar adventures

Jul 15 '12

omg that acoustic guitar i have is the shittiest piece of shit guitar ive ever seen in my entire life it’s SO BAd

Jul 14 '12

also i have cuts all over my fingers now from trying to put that fucking string on god damn it

Jul 14 '12

ugh great, i have no fucking E string on my guitar now. my extra one proved to be a piece of shit, and if that music store in town doesn’t have good strings for an electric, i’m going to murder someone

Jul 4 '12

for the love of god some one make me good at ska guitar

Jun 22 '12
yeah so i would love to have a capo here

yeah so i would love to have a capo here

Jun 2 '12

i think that songs by the xx are the songs that are the most fun to play ever

Apr 14 '12

oh comely is probably one of my favourite songs to play

Apr 3 '12

i can play 9 andrew jackson jihad songs now. woo!

Apr 2 '12

just started to learn the chords of a handful of ajj songs

Mar 11 '12

oh yeah, btw i p much learned sink by brand new so go me