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perpetual sighing

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Mar 26 '14

shrexy asked:

completely arbitrarily following back due to your handsome beard, dont disappoint me

aw shit pressures on now

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Mar 23 '14
Mar 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

you're cute.

well youre in luck im about to post a drunk selfie hold on to ur butt

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Feb 14 '14

yungsylveon asked:

happy valentine's day :*

happy valentines day to you!!

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Feb 11 '14

yungsylveon asked:


oh gosh thank you

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Jan 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you know any cool people to follow, besides you?

hm well off the top of my head i guess id say grawly, jetgreguar, neil cicierega, ched, labolas, dannyfrown and like seriously a bunch of others. all of them are pretty rad

Dec 29 '13

greninja-hype-train asked:

Reminder that you're still t favourite blog on tumblr

Nov 13 '13

crimgans asked:

if we were dating id call you gay all the time and eat all of your chips

please do

Nov 10 '13

zebra-cat-zebra asked:


thank u…….

Sep 10 '13

Anonymous asked:


D (hardest thing ive ever been through) - ive been pretty lucky in that ive never had anything really terrible happen to me. i guess my appendix almost bursting kinda sucked but w/e

O (my eye colour) - dumb boring brown

already answered G and E

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